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Attain IAS is a collective of highly qualified and experienced professionals committed to ensuring success of aspirants in the Civil Services Examination. It caters to the aspirants from all parts of India, offering its courses both, in offline and online mode. It believes in complete handholding of candidates from the stage they decide to take the Civil Services Examination to the Personality Test, the last leg of the examination. It does not limit its responsibility to teaching of course through classes, and takes it far beyond that by way of what it calls ‘Course Plus’ facilities. We help our students to glean the important and relevant from the mass of information. Through their vast experience, our faculties predict and focus on the important and the topical, keeping in account the fast changing national and international scenarios. We focus on developing the analytical skills and ability of the aspirants to approach the subject matter from different perspective, comprehend, analyse, compare, collate and thus write better and more structured answers.

We, in Attain IAS believe that there is enough reading material available in the market and there isn’t much difference in the level of knowledge of candidates who fail to make it to the final selection list and those who appear at its top. The difference is in what unique and additional value a teacher or a student can add to the material and to the understanding of a subject that commonly exist in public domain. The faculty at Attain IAS primarily serves this purpose. Along with their subject matter knowledge, they bring first hand unique experience/practice/research of that subject to their teaching, thereby giving our students the unique content and understanding that make their answers stand out and fetch them more marks than other candidates.







Samaan Shekhar (B. Chandrashekhar) is one of the youngest to enter IAS in his very first attempt in 2002, with Public Administration as an optional. Having served as SubDivisional Magistrate, CEO ZP, Collector & District Magistrate (in six districts), Commissioner, MD of a few state PSU, Secretary to State Government, Vice Chancellor of State Medical Science University, etc., he has the first hand experience of being part of the Public Administration and practising it. With his educational degrees in diverse disciplines such as Engineering, Law and Economics, he brings interdisciplinary understanding to Administration. He writes fiction and non-fiction and has kin interest in wildlife photography and fitness.

Samaan Shekhar ( B Chandrashekhar)
Former IAS

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We provide an environment that supports interactive learning

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We provide alumni platform to connect officers and aspirants, offering aspirants opportunity to interact, learn and get motivation to success in the IAS examination.

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We offer relevant books and comfortable and conducive reading and studying space to our students.

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