PM-DevINE  Prime Minister’s Development Initiative for North East Region  – is aimed at rapid and holistic development of the North- East Region by funding infrastructure and social development projects, based on felt needs of the States. It will strive to fill the gaps in various sectors and will not be a substitute for existing Central and State Schemes.


The Union Ministry for the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region provided recent updates for the Prime Minister’s development initiative for North Eastern region .

It is a central sector scheme was introduced as a part of the Union Budget 2022-23.It has 100 percent central funding ensures that the resources   are allocated directly for the development projects in North East .The scheme has been approved by Cabinet on 12th oct 2022. The scheme has an outlay of Rs 6,600 crore for the four year period from 2022-23 to 2025 -26


The objectives of PM-DevINE are:

  1. To Fund infrastructure convergently, in the spirit of PM GatiShakti; ensuring seamless connectivity and accessibility across the NER.
  2. To  Support  social  development projects based on felt needs of the North East; address critical issues and improve the overall quality of life for the region’s inhabitants ,improvement in their standard of living .
  3. To Enable livelihood activities for youth and women; enabling them to participate actively in the region’s development and progress.
  4. To Fill the development gaps in various sectors

Challenges in the Region’s Development:

  • The region’s difficult terrain makes it challenging to provide adequate and high-quality connectivity.
  • Insufficient connectivity with mainland India poses a major hurdle.
  • The region has been plagued by insurgency activities.
  • The debate between development and sustainability in the region continues.

The Region’s Significance:

  • The region has a high hydro-electric potential.
  • The region’s abundant natural resources, flora, fauna, and cultural and religious sites make it a potential hotspot for tourism.
  • The region’s natural resources present many opportunities for economic growth.
  • The northeastern states can act as a gateway for connectivity with neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Myanmar, which can significantly improve India’s bilateral relations with these countries. This is particularly relevant to India’s  Act  East Policy .

The Scheme’s Significance:

  • PM-DevINE is an additional resource for the development of the North East Region, supplementing the resources already available through various Central and State schemes. As such, it will provide additional funds for the region’s development.
  • By accelerating the development process in the northeastern states, the scheme can help alleviate feelings of alienation and exclusion from the development process experienced by the region’s residents. This is crucial for national integration.
  • The scheme can also help address some of the root causes of insurgency in the region by improving the socio-economic conditions of the region’s residents. This can redirect funds towards productive projects and initiatives

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